Upcoming Server Events

bloodychucklz Ao posted Sun at 11:00

PVP Maze Hunt
September 24th 2017 @ 5pm CST

Halloween Build Contest
October 23rd - 31st 2017

Recent Server Changes List

bloodychucklz Ao posted Fri at 16:53

All changes are as of 9/15/17 at 3:40pm CST.

Super Scratch Cards have been added to vote, donor, and rankup crates. Higher tier scratch cards available with voting streaks.

Silent join disabled.

Tab List upgraded.

Different MOTD server messages.

Crazy Enchantments plugin added. More info @

Crazy Enchantment "Lost Books" added to vote, donor, and rankup crates.

Players can create BBQ grills for outdoor cooking. More info @

Every server vote earns you Vote Points you can spend in the vote shop with command /vote shop.

In-game rank Page and above have access to command /sell hand.

In-game rank Justiciar and above have ability to un-enchant items or transfer enchants to different items. More info @

New server shop and player market areas. Also new shortcut commands /shop and /market.

Server chat integrated with Discord server.

List of players birthdays with /birthday command.

Show off your items in chat with any of the following variables in a message:




Example: Hey look at the enchants on this [swag]!

In-game rank Knight and above can set 1 personal warp with command /pwarp set. Cost is $25k.

New TryMe trivia chat game added. Will auto-start if there are at least 4 players online.

3 new PVP arenas added @ /warp hub.

New VIP DONOR area in server spawn.

Players can purchase lottery tickets with command /lottery or by clicking the Larrys Lucky Lotto NPC outside server spawn building.

Barrens World Reset

bloodychucklz Ao posted Fri at 16:36

Next Barrens world reset will happen Sunday, September 17th @ midnight!

New Twitter!

xspadezx A posted Aug 23, 17

Hey everyone,

The server has recently created our own Twitter account @TwistedRealms00. Please follow us to recieve quick updates and information there. Also you can now link your twitter account to your minecraft account using /profile. By doing this, everytime you like or retweet one of our posts you recieve $100 or 2 diamonds respectively. 

Make sure to follow us and like our posts! 



bloodychucklz Ao Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TwistedRealms00 and connect your account in-game with the /profile command!

Server Updates

GamingIcon A posted Aug 8, 17

Hey everyone,

So recently xspadezx and i have been putting a ton of work into the server, however we are too short handed on staff ( builders and plugin devs ) to get this content we have been working on added to the server. Some things will still be worked on, such as custom loot, however at a slower rate. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

With this being said we want to focus our attention onto other things, we believe there are many great things that can be improved and would like everyones opinions and suggestions. Here are some of the things that were thought of:

* Improved spawn

First off a buff in the selling prices of the Adminshop. Second removing the portal area of spawn to replace with the playermarkets, we believe this will greatly improve player driven economy as it is much closer to the spawn. We would also like to add a small PVP arena for players to fight in. Lastly we would like to add Donator Plots around the outskirts of spawn, giving players the chance to show off their building skills and to give the spawn that extra touch.

* Improved voting system.

We would do this by increasing the rewards of the vote crates and also add a vote point system where by players can spend their points on a variety of items. Also in addition to this a top monthly voter reward.

* Player Warps

Allowing players to create their own warps which will greatly improve town popularity. In addition to this we would also make a portal room in spawn for these warps.

* Other

The ability to go /afk.
PVP tournament.
Player time rewards.

End being claimable.

Any opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, we want to give players the server that they want and we will work our hardest to give you that. Obviously we can't get all this done at once so the stuff you want most will be worked on first.

GamingIcon and xspadezx

wvarley A suggestion of mine, is that we can put symbols like "." "," "/" ...
Angroo Thanks for the update! I'm excited for the changes.
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